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Payroll - view the process

1. gather payroll information

We offer a multitude of timekeeping options, from electronic time devices (via swipe card, finger reader, proximity badges, and more!) to web-based clock in and clock out. We are also able to monitor GPS location to be sure your employees are at work when clocking in.

2. send it to us

You can submit timekeeping or payroll data to us via phone, email, fax, and our web portal - and we take the time to ensure all our clients submit the data on time to receive paychecks.

3. receive your checks and reports

Checks and paystubs arrive signed, stuffed, sealed, and ready to go. If you are using employee self service, employees receive their paychecks via direct deposit and can view their paystubs online.


Tax Credit Processing

with no hassle

As new payroll tax credits are available through government agencies, we can help facilitate the process for you to acquire the refunds and/or credits allowed.

Background Checks

from start to finish

We partner with National Crime Search to provide background checks, employee screening, drug screening, and more! Read more about the services and pricing at our online portal.